Social media is integral to communications today and BHR work with our partners to develop websites and incorporate platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn into our activities. There’s no substitute to working within the media to understand how editors and newsrooms think. First-hand experience in the print and broadcast media puts BHR in prime position to advise clients.

Yes, you need a good story, good contacts and good timing. But you also need to plan and co-ordinate activities to achieve maximum exposure and impact in the right places.

Also, you need to be able to handle sensitive issues carefully. And your ‘front line’ people need to come across well in print and broadcast media where particular skills can be learned or polished to improve ‘live’ performance.

News releases need to be written concisely in journalistic style – so often they aren’t, as any news editor will tell you. A strong story line is needed to compete with the thousands of others constantly bombarding news desks nowadays. Our success rate is far greater than most because we understand and provide what news editors want – and they recognise this, too!

Our expertise in writing and placing feature articles is well known. That’s why journals look to us to for topical and informative material knowing the quality of what we produce.

And what is it they say about a good picture …. worth how many words? The media look for impact with creative, newsy images, taken perhaps in unusual settings or with special effects - not boring groups and standard poses. In the same way, images provide the key content to all digital communications.